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Friday, June 12

"Independence Day with Maki"

Today is Independence Day and like other nations we are celebrating our freedom! (Err?) Since it is Independence Day which is marked red on the Philippine Calendar it means no work today, it's holiday!

To make up with Maki we brought him to Trinoma and later to SM North Edsa. Maki was so very hyper (makulit). If his in hyper mode he would just walk and walk and walk. If he gets too hyper he would run as if you were chasing him. What a kid!

There's a new attraction in SM North they call the Sky Garden. Sky Garden is of course a garden but the cool thing about it is that they made it as an extension of the mall outside and it is leveled on the second floor. It's more like a terrace of the house. The Sky Garden is beautifully landscaped and they got bars and restaurants. They even made some cool designs where kids can actually play and run arround.

Good thing we brought the camera we took a lot of shot of Maki playing on the garden. Maki really enjoyed it.

One of our reason in going to Trinoma was the to go to the doctor at Medical City. It's inside the mall. Since my number is 45 we just stroll around first then came back at around 7 pm and the number is 44. The check up was not too long and after that the doctor gave me prescriptions to treat my cough.

The cool thing about Medical City is that its inside the mall and if you got bored waiting for your number to be called you can just go around and shop if you have enough budget or you can just window shop if your budget is limited.

We went home tired but of course with a grin on our face because of Maki being so hyper.

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