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Friday, June 12

"Independence Day"

Today is the 111th year of Independence Day, the Philippine Independence. This is the result of the deaths of our National Heroes which we are now remembering and commemorating. The day that they fought for long years just to have this memorial day. A day that till now leaves a big mark, the big question mark. Are we really free and independent today? I think not at all. Why? Because we are still slaves of different things. But the most annoying of all is that we are still slave of ourselves. We don't find ways to free ourselves. We keep our ears deaf on the things that we hear that is right, we keep our eyes closed from the wrong doings that we see, and we keep our mouth shut of the truth that will set us free.

Isn't it annoying that we're still slaves?



  1. Remember what Rizal said? "He who lives with tyranny loves tyranny". We loved being slaves and I think that was passed from generation to generation. We'll never change unless we let those people who divide us, rule us...

  2. *unless we won't let those people who divide us, rule us...9correction) hehehe


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