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Friday, July 24

"Another T.G.I.F.!"

Today is Friday and a few more minutes work is over. Can't wait to get back home and play with my son. I just hope that I will be home early today and catch up with Maki before he sleeps. I'm not sure if he will sleep early tonight because this past few days he sleeps very late. Putting him to bed is really a hard time. I haven't read any materials yet regarding making your toddler sleep early. Maybe I'll try to look and search for it later tonight.

Another thing me and my wife haven't watched any movies lately since Maki was born. I missed the "Transformers" and I'm planning if we could watch tomorrow but my wife Angie wanted to watch "Harry Potter". Maybe I'll just watch it some other time if there's still a cinema showing the 'Transformers".

Right now I'll just cross my fingers and hope that our movie time tomorrow will pursue!

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