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Friday, July 3

Being a Father

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Last Wednesday, while we're on our way to work (we hitched to our boss service) I borrowed a portion of the broadsheet newspaper from my officemate. The portion was the Life Style Section. I intent to look for some news and tidbits about paintings and stuffs about arts. I browsed the front page, seen some titles, looked for some interesting stuffs and then flipped over to the next page. When nothing seems interesting I turned it back to the front page and looked again.

Bold letters catched my attention and I thought it might be interesting. I didn't get the exact title of the article but it's about a bachelor father.

I started reading it. At first I thought it was some do's and don'ts about fatherhood but as I go along with the reading I find it different. Like I said before the article is about a bachelor father which I thought was like in the movies, "a husband left by his wife" but it's not like that. This bachelor adopted a baby to help a friend and later on he realized and asked to himself if his ready to raise a baby and be a father. He then embraced the fact and the idea of being a father. He did most of the fathers do when the mommy is doing something like changing diapers, making milk, and singing a lullaby. The ironic part is that he grew up without a father so he would just look at his cousins and relatives on how they acted as a father to their sons. In other words his becoming a father without an image of a father but he still manages to do that and another blessing came which he adopted another one. Now he has two sons and he wanted to be with them to teach them about life.

The story really hit me hard and made me think. I became a father just less than two years ago and the time of my stay with Maki really isn't that long enough to teach him things. We lived in Quezon City but my work is in Pampanga. I have to stay there to saved money. The cost of travelling back and forth five times a week is good enough to buy my sons diapers for one month. Anyway, that's the work I have and I need to love it till I get a new one.

But still, I thank God because He provides the weekends for our bonding time and sometimes I go home on midweek just to see my wife and our baby. So I still got time for my wife and my son.

I think the idea of what and how long have you taught is no greater than how you teach about life.

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