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Saturday, July 25

"Saturday Family Day"

Our family today went to SM Fairview. We haven't been to SM Fairview for more than two months, I think? Anyway, Me, Mommy, and Maki stroll around SM Fairview and we were amazed that new things have developed on the look of SM. New stores, new tiles, and larger area to stroll around. But unfortunately, because of the changes and renovation they made we just happen to somewhat get lost a bit, especially those stores that we used to go to. With the continues renovation some areas are still closed.

Our first stop, Toy Kingdom. We tried to look for a new toy for Maki, fortunately we found some good stuff to buy for Maki in the near future and unluckily we didn't find any toys today so we decided to just buy him a bag. A bag with a design on it, of course we get the characters he's used to... "the CARS" Lightning McQueen. Yup he likes it! Main reason we bought this bag is for his feeding bottles and milk. He needs it!

Next stop, New appetite for Maki. Since we're starving we strolled around for restaurants and food chains to satisfy our appetite. Since most of them were not new and some of them were too expensive we tried to eat at Kenny Rogers Restaurant and ordered a sumptuous meal. My side dish is cheesy macaroni and Mommy got two, one is corn & carrots and the other one is the fruits. At first we thought Maki wouldn't like the cheesy macaroni but to our amazed he liked it very much and take note I only ate 1/3 of it. I think his really hungry by that time. We also try to feed him with the fruits. First attempt, we chopped the pineapple slice into smaller bits so that Maki can chew it easily but what happen is he just puke it out of his mouth. So we thought he didn't like it at all. When the cheesy macaroni was finished we tried again to let him taste the fruits this time we gave him one slice and good thing is that he liked it very much. Even the peach! So this is another milestone for Maki in developing his taste buds.

Last stop, the New Storyland. Storyland is one of the area in SM Fairview where lots of kids and kids at heart go to. This area is also being renovated and I think they have only finished the half, the other half is still on going renovation. Maki like the new look of their benches and he loves it. We got hard time moving away from those benches but we have to go home because its getting late already.

All in all we had fun today and Maki had a great time also. Oh before I forgot we had bought also a new VCD Movie for Maki, the title is "Bolt". Well he got new movie to watch over and over again.

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