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Saturday, July 18

"Saturday Fun with My Family"

Today, our family went to Ever Gotesco Mall and we had so much fun. This is Maki's day out since we last went to Trinoma Mall. Though the weather is not go we still pursue.

When we got to the mall we started our day with our afternoon snack. Mommy bought Dunkin Donuts and siomai and then we went to Jollibee and bought a kiddie meal with a toy, there we had our snack. Maki ate one whole choco honey dipped doughnut and a portion of spaghetti. We don't know if his very hungry or not but he ate like a hungry kid.

Afterwards we went to Tom's World and play. Maki really love to ride those animal carts and the cho cho train. His not scared at them anymore. He really enjoyed playing around at Tom's World and of course me and mommy also had fun.

We continue our fun in a videoke room, we sung four songs and Maki sings with us. He even sings when we were already finished singing. He really wanted to hear his voice especially the echo.

We had our dinner at Tokyo Tokyo and Maki (I think) learned to use the chopsticks. Then our final destination was Mommy's shoes and Maki's vitamins then we went home and rested.

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