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Sunday, July 5

"You're the 1, Goldilocks"

I just became a father less than two years ago. My wife gave birth to a cute little baby boy. Not on a normal delivery but on a C section. The first two months was really hard. The abrupt change of lifestyle, the adjustment of sleep, and also include worrying really caused my weight to drop. But by just seeing how he smile and his cute little giggling sound really eased up all my aches. It's like a rejuvenating sound that heals my entire soul.

With my wife couldn't just move around so easily, gives me a chance to be a hands on Dad. I experienced changing his diapers, making his milk, singing lullaby, bathing him with lukewarm water, and even giving him his vitamins. This is also my activity whenever I'm at home.
The activities continues, two months... three months... four months... and so forth until I realize Maki is turning one already. Time really run so fast!
During my younger days, my parents would always prepare a great birthday party. It has lots of food, balloons, cake, and of course the lechon (roast pig) with an apple in its mouth. On that time, lechon is what we may call a status symbol. So for Maki's birthday, I wanted it to be wonderful more than his dad's birthday party. The party was themed 'Space Adventures' and we seems not to find any cake design that will suit.There is this store that we don't usually visit. We came in and
asked for their cake designs. Jackpot! We found one that fits the
theme. From then on we always check out this store on top of our list. Truly, you're the 1 Goldilocks, because you just simply saves
the day of a fathers dream for his son.



  1. Hapi 1st birthday kay Maki...

    btw, i would like to share an award with u.. check mo na lang bro ha..

    hope u like it...

  2. Happy birthday to him.

    nice cake its expensive here, will cost over $150!

  3. Hi, yashiro. Wow, that's so sweet of you changing your baby's diapers. ^^v Congrats on being a dad and happy birthday to your little boy.

    thanks for always dropping by my site. ^^


  4. @Sherry - Thanks! $150 very expensive. That cake was only about $20 to $30.

    @Curious mind - thanks for the comment and the greeting.


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