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Tuesday, August 11

"Another Primetime Craze"

I think there will be another primetime craze in our family. The show is not new to all Pinoys but how they recreate the story really let every Pinoy long for it every now and then. Of course my family knows it also. I just don't know if my wife is a big fan of the character.

I think the character were played by so many actresses already. I don't know the count but for sure who ever is "IN" or if she has the "IT" thing, she'll eventually play the character. And I think every actress dreams to play this role.

The character is made by a Pinoy comics writer. Aside television and radio, comics is the other past time and entertainment during that time. As I can recall I have a memory reading one of this comics because my father always bring different types of comics.

So, what's this new primetime craze... it's DARNA! She flies again on primetime but this time she was played by Marian Rivera the new primetime sensation on GMA 7.

So if you're a fan of DARNA! Watch it again!



1 comment:

  1. Kapuso ka rin ba? Yan din pinapanood dito sa bahay.


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