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Thursday, August 27

"Helper in the House"

Nanny, Yaya, Helper, or whatever you may call it it's a good thing that there's someone who can help you in babysitting or even doing the household chores. This person have different personalities that you have to attend to. They maybe good in housekeeping but not well on babysitting or vice versa. So you'll really have to check them out if they can do it on their own or you'll have to guide them.

Being part of the family is something that can boost their moral. They deserve to be treated well and as for them to treat us well also. Like in our case we're not calling her yaya but tita so that our kid will give respect to her. Respect means a lot for them.


1 comment:

  1. I agree with you, not because they are just a yaya or helper. Very important to Show some respect to respect you back.


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