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Monday, August 3

"Holiday for the Former Mother"

This coming Wednesday, August 5, 2009, the MalacaƱang has declared it as a Special Non-working holiday to honor and give respect to the late former President Corazon Aquino.

President Gloria Macapaga-Arroyo declared it so that we may come or watch the funeral of the Yellow Lady, former President Cory Aquino.

The "Yellow Lady" or the "L" lady has decided to rest after struggling with colon cancer. She died last August 1, 2009 at about 3:18 AM due to complications.

Being the former mother of the country has indeed inculcate some lesson in life among us. She lead a peaceful revolution which has successfully overthrown the previous government.

Though off from the limelight of politics former President Corazon Aquino still continues serving the Filipino people in some other way. Both her and her husband surely could say that Filipinos are worth dying for. Even in death she still continue making every Filipino people at peace and one.

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