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Saturday, August 1

"Maki, My Pain Reliever"

Today was a very busy day! Because there was a Medical Mission in Dinalupihan, Bataan. The whole day was so very from preparation to medical mission proper up to the end program. Making sure things will went as smoothly as possible but still there is no perfect plan and there will always be fragments of mistakes and problems will occur during the activity.

The day ended up with aching body and sleepy eyes. The travel back home still requires more hours before I could lay my back and fall asleep. I thought it our travel back to Manila will be as fast as possible but I was wrong, yes it was fast though NLEX but when we reached Balintawak then that's were the penitence started. It was past 5 pm and it was also raining, the cars movement were so slow and it was bumper to bumper. The only choice is to go forward, there is no turning back!

Thank God we manage to push through the traffic,... it was 7:30 PM already. What a day!

The only consolation I got when got home is my kid. It was a pain reliever seeing him running to you and saying dy (that was short for daddy). Now Maki is really my ointment for body aches!


1 comment:

  1. Of course our kids are the "reason for the season". hehehe. Parang pamasko ano? Just kidding!


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