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Sunday, August 16

"Resources for Growing Toddlers"

Ever since Maki was born I always read and search for sites that could help me how to raise my son and how to be a good parent. I was thankful that I found this website that really give tips and things to learn about the child. They even get comments and experiences from other parents as well and shares them to other parents through their website.

So, in order to get update with the site I subscribe to their mailing list and every week they send me an email giving me sneak preview of what is Maki's behavior for the week or what's he should be learning by that week. They even have a chart to inform you how old is your child.

So parents try this website it will surely help you a lot. The site is called Actually their program starts from pregnancy till your baby has grown up into a big kid.

Parents should always be ready for their kids.


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