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Sunday, August 9

"Sunday Service Message: Biblical Stewardship"

Today, Maki and I had prepared to go to Church very early and we were able to go the place where his mom is working. Still, we were late at the Church Service.

Getting to church late is really not good at all that's why at least we are changing it bit by bit.

Now to those whos are following my Sunday Service Message, here's today's God's message.

Read: Malachi 3:10

Notes from the sermon:

Mammon - is an evil spiritual power that grips them (the people) and enslave them through money. It is not money itsel it is the spiritual power that works in the world and in the lives of million of people through their attitude towards money.

Giving is sowing - an investment.

Why do we give?

> In recognition of the fact that God is the giver.
> In appreciation of Divine Grace
> In surrender of our life and talents to God.


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