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Saturday, August 8

"Tips on Having Your Kid/s at the Mall"

Kids are very fragile, always run around, and observant on every thing that's new to them.

The mall is like a jungle for your kids, people are like beasts and trees they maybe good or bad. So always look after your kids and never loose them, especially if your family is strolling the mall on a weekend or holiday.

Here are some tips for the parents if you're always going out or strolling the mall.

Ø Some parents use this straps to keep their kids close to them. Personally I hate that straps because kids are not dogs and parents do your thing if your with your kids.

Ø Never let your kids, especially the toddler ones, to let them walk on crowded places. They might accidentally get bump by those people who walk like they're alone in the world.

Ø If you want your kids to stroll around put them on a less crowded people and make sure the place is child friendly.

Ø Some malls have strollers for rent. So if you don't want to get tired of carrying your kids rent one.

Ø If you’re strolling on a fragile wares always keep your kids hands off on everything or the best thing don't bring them there.

Ø Always bring extras. You'll never know what will happen.

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