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Friday, August 14


It was frustrating that I wasn't able to watch "Transformers 2". Well actually, since after Maki's birth my wife and I haven't watch any single movie. I missed all the good movies that was shown. Anyway there are still VCDs and DVDs on sale so I'll just try to look for it on video store or ... never mind.

The thing about the transformers that fascinates me is how they were created and how they transform. Imagine how vast is human imagination to think something like this which was later on scientist are already trying to create robots like this.

Speaking of imagination I think Filipinos also got a really unique way of imagining things. This is actually a spoof and localize version of the Transformers. Seen this on Credit to wherever she has taken this photos. I just hope that you enjoy this.


optibus prime

bumble jeep







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