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Thursday, September 24

"Ending of the Hunt @ Yashiro's Birthday Contest"

It has come to a point that it's time to cancel, stop, and end this contest. For some reasons the contest does not gain any participants after a few days that it has been launched. So therefore, I am ending this contest. Maybe I'll try to make a new contest with good and big prizes and with much time frame for promotions and other stuffs.

To those who have sponsored and devoted some time for this contest thank you very. I hope that you'll still sponsor on my future contests. Again thank you very much and sorry!



  1. Sorry to hear that, too. Like in my contest the EC-members seem to be lazy to visit other blogs and look up an easy answer...

  2. hope you get better result in next contest :)

  3. @ cornyman yeah. Anyway maybe some are just busy nowadays.

    @ sherry will I'll make sure of that. err let's just see.


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