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Tuesday, September 8

"Enjoying Music and Rhymes"

Yesterday was a very gloomy day, aside from the funeral of the INC leader, it was a rainy day. So, since there was no way to get fun activity outside we just have to settle the fun in the house. Plug the Magic Sing and we started singing. Maki was also singing, though we cannot understand some of his wordings. To let Maki enjoy the singing we played some rhyme and children music like "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and the "ABC Song". And that how we have fun during rainy days.

According to an article at letting your toddlers listen to music helps him develop his brain and motor skills. Fun music makes your toddlers move and catch up with the beat of the music letting them perfect their motor skills. Aside from these benefit, listening to music makes it as a bonding time for parents and kids. Just make sure that the music is fun and appropriate for the babies and toddlers.

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