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Friday, September 4

"If You Think..."

Most of us who deals with big and numerous problems often think that the world is crumbling down on us. Most of the time we face to God and ask why. A lot of "why's" and a lot of "me". Questioning and whining is what we always do when problems in our life occurs. When this questions are not met we turn to vices, hoping that it will solve our problems. And when everything fails, that's the time we looses sanity or experiencing a nervous break down. That's because we cannot bear the problem. Though most of this doesn't really lead straight to insanity, it's true.

After seeing the video clip and hearing those words, I don't know how to explain the feeling but it really made me drop a tear. Realizing that we only got a piece of what we call "problem" compared to this guy. We should be thankful that we, who are living normally, had a job, can walk, can play, and can do everything that we want to.

Nick's disability is inborn, he was born with no arms and no legs but he really gives hope, encouragement and inspiration to others to continue life no matter what. Problem is not a hindrance for him instead it is his strength to keep on sharing what God has made for him.

"Life isn't unfair, it's just a matter on how we look at things that makes it unfair."



  1. Wow! Thank you! That is so inspirational! What a great man - he has achieved so much.


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