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Sunday, September 13

"Jump for pehpot"

Maki Jumps for Pehpot

I'm featuring my son, my omega pain killer. Look how happy he is. I want to take a picture of Maki jumping alone but my problem is that his feet moves less than two inches above the ground. So I decided Maki to hold my hands and started jumping way high. To make it a picture of him alone I move myself away from the cam. So here it is Maki jumping for pehpot.
Why don't you jump for pehpot too?



  1. nice trick. hehe

    thanks for joining! winners will be announce on Thursday night.. goodluck!

  2. this is so cute!

    kung hindi ako, im sure ikaw ang mananalo! (how's that for lakas ng loob? ) ha ha!

    this contest is indeed fun no?

  3. Yup! Thanks for the praises for my son.

    Hehehe! Tingnan na lang natin pag nilabas na ni mommy pehpot ung result.

    I'll be having a contest too! Watch out for it!

  4. I will add this site on my adgitize list..

    is it OK if yo will add me on your list even if I will not grab your badge?


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