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Sunday, September 27

"Luzon In a State of Calamity"

Yesterday's continuous rain caused a major calamity to most parts of Central and Northern Luzon. It's only this morning that we were able to travel back to Manila. On our way to Manila, roads were left with pictures of trash and siltation. The worst of all is what I've seen on TV and the result of that continuous rain. Many people were totally affected with it.

Now, NGOs and Network Stations have organized Operation Centers and Help Centers to reach out to all people affected of Storm Ondoy. Also they are seeking help, foods, clothing, tents, money and other materials from companies and kind hearted people.

These people really need help and this is my way of helping them (at least) by directing people who can help to Help Centers. Kindly direct your donations and help to these Network Stations.





  1. My best wishes to everyone dealing with all this terrible weather.

  2. May you and your family be wrapped in angels' wings and protected.


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