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Saturday, September 19

"Names for your Babies"

Naming babies is not an easy task for parents to be. There are things that parents to be should consider, like uniqueness, parents advice, friends advice, length of the name, significance, and etc. Though these things should be considered, still, parents to be always have the last words.

Like in our case we named our son Anarc Makisig, to make him unique. The Anarc came from our names and Makisig as a sign of being a Filipino and me as a historian. I tried to look for my son’s name Anarc and I found nothing. There’s Anarchy and Anarcon but no Anarc.

If you’re looking for your babies name try visiting this site that I have found. They got lots of names listed in it. The site is simple and exact. They just provide the names and first name. So you can look at it and also if you like the name you could eventually use it.


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