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Tuesday, September 15

"Looking for Sponsors for Yashiro's New Contest"

I will be celebrating my birthday on September 21, 2009 and I want this blog to be my virtual venue for celebrating my birth for the whole week. As highlight of the celebration I will be launching a contest called "Hunt @ Yashiro's Birthday Contest". Prizes awaits for those who will participate.

I know this is a bit short notice to all but I will be glad to have sponsors for this contest. Cash, EC credits, Ad spot, or anything that you can give as a sponsor. It will be a great gift for me if anyone will commit prizes. To let sponsors know how will it runs please check the details of the contest below.




1st Prize – 5,000 EC and 2 months 125x125 ad spot – Yashiro

2nd Prize – 3,000 EC and 1 month 125x125 ad spot – Yashiro

3rd Prize – 1,000 EC and 1 week 125x125 ad spot – Yashiro

Special Prize – 2,000 EC and 2 weeks 125x125 ad spot – Yashiro

Sponsors Guidelines:

1. Post an article about Yashiro’s Birthday and what will be your gift for him. Make sure that you’ll write the gift (anything that you will give as a gift and make sure it’s just one). This will be part of the hunting contest. This is to make sure that participants will read the whole article/post of the sponsor’s blog.

2. Place the banner at the beginning of the post.

3. Please make the post before September 21, 2009.

4. Email the URL of the post and the gift for Yashiro at

Participants Guidelines:

To qualify for the contest:

1. Make a blogpost about the “Hunt @ Yashiro’s Birthday Contest”. (Describe what you expect to hunt at Yashiro Birthday Contest.)

2. Place the large banner on top of the blogpost and the 125x125 on the sidebar.

3. Once you have completed the post come back here and leave a comment together with the following informations

The URL of your blogpost.

Email address


To double your chances of winning subscribe to my RSS feed and follow this blog. This will make your raffle entries X2.

Contest Proper:

1. Everyday starting September 21 - 28, 2009 Yashiro will be posting URL of sponsors. Participants are tasked to hunt for the sponsor’s gift to Yashiro.

2. Once you have found the answer go back here and post your answer. (To avoid copying comments are set for moderations and comments with answers will not be posted until the daily cut off time.)

3. Daily cut off time is 6:00 AM (Philippine Time) of the following day.

4. Participants with correct answer will earn one (1) raffle entry. Completing all correct answer will earn you seven (7) raffle entries.

5. There will also be a special raffle for participants who will complete seven (7) correct answers.

6. Only one winning per participants, this is to give others a chance to win. In case the participant wins two prizes the bigger prize will be awarded and the lesser will be raffle again.

7. All raffles will be drawn using on September 28, 2009.

8. Winners will be posted here as a blogpost. (So you better check here after the raffle)

Contest officially starts on September 21, 2009 and will end on September 28, 2009 (6:00 AM Philippine Time). Draw date will be on the September 28, 2009. Good Luck and Enjoy!


· I reserve the right to modify the contest mechanic and prizes as I see fit.

· Prizes such as Entrecard Credits and ad spots are NOT convertible to cash.

· Sponsors can also join the contest but not on the day of their sponsorship.

· If you have any questions regarding the contest, don’t hesitate to contact me.

This is unofficial! Prizes will vary on the sponsors who will commit. To those who will commit as sponsors thank you very much in advance.



  1. can't wait for your contest to start!

  2. me po magsposponsor po...
    i'll make a post about this tom night...
    goodluck po...


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