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Thursday, September 17

"Signs of Language Delay"

Last Sunday, while attending the Church Vesper Worship Service, Maki wanted to go down and run around. Of course we don't allow him because he might disturb the Worship Service. So to make him busy we gave something to play with, we gave the worship program. Though we gave him the paper he's pointing at her mommy's bag. At first I didn't know what he wanted but later I realized that he needs a pen to write. So I pulled out my sign pen and gave it him. He was kept busy sketching and scribbling. At least he won't bother anyone.

After a few minutes he started babbling words as if he was telling a story about his scribbling. Worst, his babbling gets louder so I brought him down at the lobby and sat down on a chair, place Maki on top of the table and there he continued scribbling and babbling. While he was scribbling I talked to him and asked what he was doing. He look at me and points his scribbling while babbling as if he was talking to me. Very good I said. At least I don't have to worry that my son is having problem with his communication skills.

I was able to read an article on regarding signs of language delay and I'm glad that my son is not affected with it. He's on the right track.

Here it is to check what are the signs of language delay from an article in And if you see this signs coordinate immediately with your pediatrician.

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
12 to 18 months
  • at 12 months, doesn't use gestures such as waving or shaking her head
  • by 12 months, isn't practicing using at least a couple of consonants (p, b, etc.)
  • by 12 months, isn't somehow communicating to you when she needs help with something
  • at 15 months, doesn't understand and respond to words such as "no" and "bye-bye"
  • by 15 months, can't say at least one to three words
  • by 15 months, doesn't say "mama" or "dada"
  • at 16 months, doesn't point to body parts when asked
  • at 18 months, isn't saying at least six to 10 words

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
19 to 24 months
  • by 19 to 20 months, isn't pointing out things of interest, such as a bird or airplane overhead
  • by 20 months, isn't making at least six consonant sounds
  • at 21 months, doesn't respond to simple directions
  • by 21 months, doesn't pretend with her dolls or herself (brushing her hair, feeding her doll, etc.)
  • by 24 months, doesn't imitate actions or words of others
  • by 24 months, can't point to named pictures in a book
  • at 24 months, can't join two words together
  • at 24 months, doesn't know the function of common household objects — toothbrush, telephone, fork, etc.

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
25 to 36 months
  • at 26 months, uses no two-word simple sentences
  • at 30 months, can't name at least three body parts
  • at 30 months, can't be understood by anyone in her family
  • by 32 months, has difficulty singing fragments of nursery rhymes
  • at 36 months, doesn't ask questions
  • at 36 months, can't be understood by strangers at least half the time
  • by 36 months, is unable to articulate initial consonants (for example, says "all" instead of "ball"
  • by 36 months, is unable to name most common household objects

Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
3 to 4 years
  • at 3, can't speak in short phrases
  • by 3, is unable to understand short instructions
  • at 3, has no interest in interacting with other children
  • at 3, has extreme difficulty separating from a parent
  • by 3 1/2, consistently fails to add final consonant to words (for example, saying "ca" instead of "cat")
  • at 4, still stutters (has true difficulty producing a sound or word) frequently, often accompanied by facial grimacing
  • at 4, isn't almost fully understandable


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