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Saturday, September 26

"Stranded on a Medical Mission Day"

Today was a successful Medical Mission in the Resettlement Center at Flofidablanca, Pampanga. Everything went well enough though there are still some factors that affects the full implementation of the activity. We have catered almost 800 people, free check up from our partner doctors and given free medicines. Though tired and a little bit sleepy we still manage to cope up with the tiresome activity.

The number one and the main problem was the weather. From the start of the morning it already started to rain. At the whole duration of the activity the rain seems endless. By the time that we're almost over the weather started to pour heavy rains. It was none stop even until we left the area. Then we started hearing news that most parts of Central and Southern Luzon were already paddling in waters and causing blockage to most of the major roads. This leads to motorist and passengers being stranded. Also it gives no choice but to stay in Clark and let the floods settle. Unfortunately we will have to stay until tomorrow morning. What a day!

I really miss my son I don't what they are doing now. I should be playing with them by this time already. At least I should be thankful because my family is still in a safe place. Thanks GOD!

As I am writing this blog post the whole Metro Manila is already in a State of Calamity and many people, houses, and vehicles were already affected by the storm. To all please pray and help others! Thanks!

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