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Monday, September 21

"Sunday Service Message: Death"

I'm glad that I was able to digest the Sunday Service Message yesterday. Well... Maki is not that noisy anymore! We were able to contain him in one place ... errr... not quite actually. But anyway his now learning to behave himself when say so.

So let's get on with the message. The message was about "DEATH". We all know that people don't want to talk about this matter.

According to the message there are two kinds of death, one is the physical death and the other is the spiritual death. On the physical death, our physical body deteriorate or dies while on the spiritual death, our spirit looses the connection with GOD. The pastor give emphasize on the spiritual death. Many people are yes healthy and alive but doesn't know that within them they are dead already. But thanks to Jesus Christ's sacrifices because all of our sins were taken away. And the good thing is that it is free, all we need to do is believe in HIM.

Our pastor also tells a story about a man who wanted to commit suicide. The story goes like this. The man's house is so big with five floors. Even though he was wealthy he has lots of problems. He couldn't bear all his problem so he wanted to comment suicide. It was Christmas season and the kids are going house to house caroling. When he was about to commit suicide his door bell rang, he goes down and opened the door. The kid gave an envelope and greeted him Merry Christmas God loves you. The man get the envelope and went back in to continue his suicide plan. When he was about to continue to commit suicide the door bell rang again. Going down angry, he opened the door and found another kid. Gave him an envelope and said Merry Christmas God loves you. The man get the envelope and again went back in to continue what he was about to do. He said no matter what happens I'll commit suicide. When he was about to do it ... again. The door bell rang vigorously. He remembered that he should have put money in the envelope and gave it to the kid. Angry and in a hurry he went down and opened the door. To his awe the kid was gone already and then he remembered the two kids said to him GOD LOVES YOU!

It is true GOD really loves us!

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