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Tuesday, September 29

"Teaching Maki to Paint"

According to toddlers should be able to copy circles and line drawings by 23 months old and that's what my son is able to do now. What amazes me is how he holds the pen and how he writes. Most often he would ask for paper and pen and once he gets it he will starts to scribble. This is the only way that Maki rest for being hyper active and quiet.

Right now we are letting him draw using a color pencil. This is to enhance his creativity and color recognition.



  1. cool post yashiro! i cant wait till my Maia (who's now 15 months old) can do the things that your Maki can already do. Children are a blessing and I see that you and your wife are doing a great job with raising your child. Keep up the good work & Godspeed to you & your loved ones.

  2. @darly Thanks!

    @mama mia Thanks for the comment. I'm sure your Maia will get there and your right children are God's blessing to us. God bless you and your family!


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