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Tuesday, September 8

"Toddlers Accident"

Just recently, I received a text message from my wife informing me that Maki, our son, accidentally slipped and bump his head on the wall of the comfort room. According to my wife Maki was being washed by his Nanny. When the Nanny was going to get his clothes Maki, being hyper active, accidentally slipped and bumped his forehead on the wall. The bump was really hard causing it to turn violet.

I don't know the full details but in our case when we're washing Maki we make sure that we don't leave him unattended. His too active and always plays around. I really don't like it when my kid is being hurt badly.

So be it a caution to every Nanny, Parents, or Grandparents don't leave your kids unattended after washing or bathing. Always put in mind that wet floors are not child-friendly.



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  2. A bruise is "hurt badly"?? Oh my, you have a lot to learn!!! lol.. Accidents happen, get used to it!


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