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Saturday, October 3

"Daddy Day Care : Nemo A Hundred Times"

Well another Saturday, another daddy day care. Starting today I will be naming all my post regarding me and Maki "Daddy Day Care". All our activity specially Saturdays.

Today, Maki and I are all alone in the house. As usual we do our daily chores and as usual also Maki would ask for his favorite movie "Finding Nemo". He always ask to watch this. He calls this "Momo", once he said that he watch to watch "Nemo". I don't how many times we have watch this but I'm sure his day won't be complete without watching this.

This movie is the only way we keep Maki busy if we're doing something and I think it work because we were able to do our daily chores.

Today is another rainy day and we couldn't even do things outside. Today's daddy day care is rainy day. Hayyy!

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