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Saturday, October 17

"Daddy Day Care : The Wild Day"

Maki and I started our day today by accompanying her Mommy to the jeepney station. As usual Maki would always cry if he sees his Mom ride the jeepney and I would always hash him and told him that Mommy going to work.

After walking Mommy to the jeepney we went straight to the market to buy food for our lunch. Thank God that some of the prices already gone down though still there are that haven't lowered their prices especially the veggies. Anyway we will not have veggies today will just a soup, boiled pork with "miswah" (a tiny string noodles made of flour).

Again the usual routine with my kid, breakfast, vitamins, bath and movie to keep him busy for a while I do my chores. Remember the new movies that I have blogged about well Maki is actually enjoying only two of those, the "THE WILD" and the "ROBOT". Well today movie menu for him is "THE WILD". He doesn't like the "RATATTOUILLE". I think he don't like those big round eyes of the characters, it scares him.

Right now, Maki is already asleep that's why I was able to write this blog. Oops! I better cook now before he wakes up. Tata!


1 comment:

  1. My kids don't like cartoon characters with big round eyes too :-)

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