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Thursday, October 1

"Needs Sponsorship for Our Blog Contest"

blog contest needs sponsorship

After my failed birthday blog contest I'm here again attempting to held another contest. I hope this time there will be lot of participants.

This contest will be part of my son's birthday celebration. He'll be turning 2 this October. And as our treat to our valued readers and followers we will be giving away prizes. Of course prizes! But first we would like to ask other bloggers if they are willing to sponsor some of the prizes.

We will be raising the following prizes.

$22 - cash prizes
13,000 Entrecard Credits
2 months 125x125 ad spot

This will be the minimum prizes that we intend to give away. If there are more who are willing to sponsor we will raise the prizes at stake.

As to our part, we will be contributing $5 cash prize and 10,000 Entrecard Credits.

If you want to see the mechanics of the contest kindly click here.



  1. Only five days for commenting... is this the contest period??

    Otherwise each of my blogs would contribute 1.000 ECs

    The One Minute Guide

    Cornymans Moneypage

    Cornymans Blogreviews

    All about babies and kids

  2. The contest is not that big. Thanks for sponsoring.

  3. Hi, I just subscribed to your blog.

    I would like to sponsor 2months ad spot @


    I thought the contest is already running. Hehe.

  4. Thanks Liz i'll add you to the list of sponsors.

  5. I like to sponsor ad space 125x125 a month
    another contest
    Sherry Rambling
    lurv evertyhing
    heart random


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