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Monday, October 5

"New Stuff for Maki"

Yesterday is another busy day for me and Maki. We had our day at the mall, we meet his Mommy there for lunch. After having lunch at Goldilocks my wife went back to her office for work. So the whole afternoon is Daddy and Maki's time. Time to stroll around the mall. Our main goal was to look for Hawaiian attire plus buy Maki's feeding bottle nipple. The Hawiain attire is what we are going to wear on Sunday during the Anniversary of the church. That was the church motif. First thing we did was look for Maki's clothes but unfortunately we found nothing. Now my turn to look, I found one but I'm not sure how it will look once I wear it. I don't have anyone to comment on it and Maki will just agree if it's appealing to him. Anyway so I just hold it for a while and we'll just visit it again together with Mommy.

Our main goal was not completed, we only got the feeding bottle nipple. So we went to the TOY SECTION, as expected Maki got livelier seeing those toys. We went straight to the radio controlled cars section. After looking around I decided to buy Maki a new car. Though it's not suitable for him... yet. I'll just accompany him if he wanted to play with it. It's a racing car made by Auldey. Here's how it looks

makis new toy2

makis new toy

After seeing this, Maki was so eager to play with it. I didn't pulled it out of the casing not until Maki is asleep already. We will just play with it at QC Memorial Circle when the weather is good.

Another thing that I bought for Maki was this movies.

makis new movies

At least there will be new movies to watch aside from Nemo, Cars, and A Bugs Life. I think I have watched these three a hundred times already.

Of course we didn't forget to visit Maki's favorite place in Ever.. the TOM'S WORLD. We played a few tokens and got some candies.

After a few hours of running around and carrying Maki, my feet and leg muscles were stiff already, I decided to quit the day already and go home to my in-laws house.

When we got to my in-laws house I sat down and slouched on the chair.



  1. Those are good movies. Haha. I love nemo as well. Maki will learn a lot from them. Enjoy watching!

  2. Sounds like a fun, but frustrating day. You are lucky both your child and your husband go shopping with you.

  3. Tiring, shopping with a little one. The toys are always appealing!

  4. Nice RC car. Hey I have RC helicopter right now and I guess your son will like it. Buy one for him.


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