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Sunday, October 4

"Pinoy Big Brother Double Up and Up"

After a long months of resting and preparing, ABS CBN Kapamilya has finally launched the new Season of Pinoy Big Brother. This season is dubbed as "PINOY BIG BROTHER DOUBLE UP". If you're a Filipino I'm sure you won't miss this Philippine Reality TV Show. Another TV show that we all Filipinos will surely try to follow. This season they will have lots of surprises and more gimmicks from Big Brother.

Today they have revealed and introduced the housemates and also Big Brother revealed the double up. They have two identical twins housemate and the Big Brother house is also two. As for the first tasks of the twins they were separated and the other housemates must not that they have a twin brother.

My wife will surely watch this PBB Double up. For sure every week this will be the agenda! So let's just watch and see what will happen inside Big Brother's House.


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