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Wednesday, October 21

"Toddlers Learning Body Parts"

This weeks topic in is about body parts, most particularly the genitals. According to the article when teaching toddlers with the names or what their genitals are called, we parent must be direct. Meaning if they ask or point their genitals parents should explain to toddlers about it. They explain that with this toddlers or kids will not have confusion with regards to their genitals. Well the article is right with the confusion thing. Because in my son's case his starting to have confusing with regards to the bird above and the bird between his legs. That's what we tell him and call it in our house.

I just recently found out that his having confusion... already! That was when I was washing him. I asked him "where's the bird?" so that I could scrub his neck with a towel, instead of looking up he look down to his genitals. Maybe we will start to teach Maki the right word for that.

The only problem is that the genital word in Filipino is somewhat less used because of its vulgarity. I'm sure a lot of Filipino bloggers will react if they read the word here. For the sake of our foreign readers "penis" in Filipino is called "titi" and for "vagina" it is called "pepe". So... what do you think?



  1. To differentiate, i let my son call his 'birdie' and the ones that fly are birds.

  2. I think if your child is going to go to nursey school or interact with other children then it would be best to teach them the socially acceptable words for now. It is all well and good teaching them the proper words but if people react when they do, that could upset them!


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