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Sunday, November 22

"Another Tiring Saturday"

Yesterday was a very tiring day. The day started very early. Though I was so very sleepy I still have to wake up, work and do my tasks. It's another medical mission but this time it's in Tarlac City. This is the last for this year. Though all things was prepared very late we still manage to make it hours before the day of the activity. Preparing it was not that easy especially this days that a certain office is dealing with all the expenses of the company. I just don't know why that office is like that when there's supposed to be a bigger fish to fry. Anyway the show must go on!

The day seems easy and tasks seems so light. There's no heavy thought or burden on completing the tasks. I just pray that every activity should feel that way in order to fully do your whole capacity. Time really tick fast and time to end the day to give us some time to rest for we have done a task wholeheartedly. Good day!

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