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Thursday, November 5

"Australian Souvenirs"

After a long day at work I decided to relieve my stress in one of the amusement area in the mall. Capturing stuffed toys is one of my favorite machines to play at. Aside from it being a stress reliever it is also a cool present for my kid. That is if I can catch any of the toys lying inside the machine.

Gladly, I managed to catch one of the toys. The one I got is a tiger, a red cute little tiger. Too bad there’s no other toy to catch. If there would be any other toy I would really like Maki to have one of those kangaroo or the koala for his collection.

Aside from being cute these Koala and Kangaroos are commonly seen in Australia and the country is known for this kind of animals. I really don’t know why there’s a lot of kangaroos and koala in Australia but they are sure cute and lovely to look at. Maybe when I get to visit Australia I will get one of those Australia Souvenirs to take home and give it to Maki as a present. Especially the Koala and Kangaroo plush toys offered online for a cheaper prize. I bet Maki would love to play with those fluffy soft and cuddly plush toys.

So if I couldn't get it I'll just have to get it on They offer a wide variety of toys and souvenirs from Australia.


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  1. HI Yashiro! wala na po ung banner ng adgitizer ko.. are you stil interested? pls put the banner below or on top of your adgitize widget kung ok pa :)


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