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Saturday, November 28

"Daddy Day Care : Medicine Problem"

Today is Saturday, another Daddy Day Care but thank God today is Mommy's day off. She didn't switch her day off. So, in other words both of us will be taking care of Maki.

Last week Maki had a fever. His Mommy bring him to the doctor and it was find out that the cause of his fever was phlegm. So the doctor gave Maki medicines to take.

In our past days with Maki being sick, giving him medicines is not our problem but this time its a riot. We can't even get him to sip in the medicine cup. We have tried everything that we know without any force but he keep on resisting. And because of that we resort to on course of action for him to drink his medicines that is by force. We forced him to drink his medicines which I think will only caused him trauma in taking his medicines. Hay! How can we make Maki drink his medicine without resorting to extreme force.

To all parents out there, do you have any better ways to make your kids drink and take their medicines. If you do have kindly share it and help us with our problem. God's day to all!

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