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Sunday, November 29

"Looking for a House and Lot to Buy"

Looking for a house that fits your lifestyle and your budget is really a hard one. Especially if your budget is limited. More often people get into deeper debt because of too expensive house and lot because average earners tends to get the high end class houses. Though their earnings is enough to pay for the mortgage and everything still it's not enough to support the lifestyle they are getting into.

So, if looking for a dream house try to look for simpler and budget safe houses that you can develop later on. It is much easier that way.

In our case, we are in the process of looking and scouting for a better house, nice budget and of course flood-free. Flood-free is the number one factor to consider here in our place. People are becoming cautious after that typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng.

Up to now we haven't got the three factors. We found one yesterday. The house is good and the location is very very good it's an upland so flood is no worry at all, even land slide is safe. But the only factor that hinders is the budget. Our combine salary is not enough to be approved on the bracketing of PAG-IBIG. I really like the place. Maybe we will try to look for another place or an option to get that housing loan. But of course we will have to think it thrice or more if we can really get it. For now we're still scouting that fits all the three requirements. Dream HOUSE, LOCATION, and BUDGET!

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