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Friday, November 13

"Manila Ocean Park Adventure"

After almost two weeks of thinking and conceptualizing of which part of our journey will I tell, now I finally made up my mind and decided to tell and write it all up. Though I know that it will for sure going to be long.

So to start with it a background of our plan. Since that weekend is going to be long we planned it to go to Manila Ocean Park on October 31 so that we will have a lot of time to rest after it but unfortunately the weather didn't get along so postponed the plan set it on the 2nd of November which was declared as a holiday. Whoopi! So it was set then.

At last the set date has come. The weather is great for an outdoor activity and nothing seems to stop us that day. So we prepared everything that we need and set out to Luneta, which is where we are going to start to walk up to Manila Ocean Park. Actually I'm not sure of the place, all I know is that the place is behind the Quirino Grand Stand and Quirino Grand Stand is just near Luneta.

We arrived at Luneta early afternoon. We let Maki run around the place because it was his first time to be there. We took some shots of our family and some shots of the place also. The walk to the Grand Stand is really nice especially for Maki. He sees a lot of new things. He had a chance to have a face to face with a real life horse carrying a carriage. He also see a replica of Thomas the train. All around him was something new and his in awe in all of it. The walk was long but it was relaxing enough especially with that sceneries.

Since we got there early afternoon and we hadn't got our lunch we decided to eat in a restaurant near Manila Ocean Park. The food was great and we had a full stomach.

After that sumptuous meal we head straight to the Manila Ocean Park entrance. Mommy went straight to the cashier and paid for the entrance fee. We thought Maki would be free but unfortunately he surpasses their height limit which is 2 feet. So Mommy will still have to pay for Maki. So we got the tickets all four of us, Mommy, Maki, and Lola Lolit.

to be continued.....

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