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Sunday, November 8

"Overcoming Frustrations"

At last we were able to attend today's Church Activity that was after three Sundays of not coming to Church. That's thanks to GOD! Also this is one of the Sunday's that we were able to listen to the whole Message without any interruption from Maki. Why? Well let's just say that Maki was to tired to poke out his eyes and do his hyperactive thing. In short Maki fall asleep before we came to the Church. That's a good thing!

So, today's Message was about "Overcoming Frustrations". Sounds familiar and it's timely. It's somewhat hit me directly! Well, if you have read my previous post it's something like that. Anyway the whole thing focuses on people's frustrations. People do feel frustrated many times and you're not human if you don't get frustrated especially if you don't get those things that you wanted.

Frustration is not bad but what makes it bad is how you face or deal with it. If you get frustrated and you start blaming or cursing others then that's something that is not good. The best thing to deal with frustration is turn it to GOD. Just like the story of our Pastor about his mother.

They have a neighbor who happens to be a church goer and who owns a store. One day they run out of rice to cook for dinner. His father hasn't got their salary yet so they don't have anything for dinner. Our Pastor was instructed by his mother to borrow one kilograms of rice to their neighbor. This is their first time to borrow. So he did go there! And when he came back he got nothing because the owner don't want to lend some rice for them. So his mother got frustrated and just said to him to get contented with some bread and left over cooked rice. When our Pastor finished eating he went to his mother and saw that she was praying to GOD about her frustrations. On that night they heard sirens. Their neighbors store was on fire and everything was burned down to ashes and the mystery about it is that their neighbors store was the only one burned.

Frustrations do come to us in different types, different angle and different time but the good news about it is that GOD is always there for us.

To give a better picture about the frustrations and problems that we are facing. Here is an illustration about it. I only got this in an email from a friend. I just pray that this could help visualize GODs role in our life.

GODs role

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