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Thursday, November 5

"Worst Day"

Today is another count for my worst day list. Adding up another bad experience in my life! I think this could be considered as one of those days that just suddenly came out of nothing then it grew to something tremendous that you couldn't easily bear.

If you have an old mouse that have a rolling ball underneath it, try to look at it? Did you noticed on the rollers the thick pile of dirt that most of the time causes your mouse to respond differently. Well, my situation as of today is like that. A piled up days that made me decide to push through a decision that I have been contemplating for the past few months. Maybe it's about time to make a very hard decision.

It's like sailing. Preparing for the voyage is not so easy because you'll have to make sure that all you need is well accounted. Pushing the boat offshore means tata or good bye because you'll never know when or if you'll ever be coming back. At first it may be subtle but as soon as the waves starts clashing and wind starts whooping your sail to different direction then you'll realize that it is hard to go offshore. You'll be missing the land. For sure it will be missed.

The trap has been and I'll just have to wait till they bit the bait.

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