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Wednesday, December 9

"Accident While Taking Care of Maki"

Just this morning my wife texted me and informed me that Maki and his Lolo met an accident leaving his Lolo with bruises on his forehead, elbow and knee. Fortunately Maki didn't got any bruises because hi Lolo hurriedly save him from getting the accident.

We haven't got any Nanny for Maki lately some of them were forced to return to their province due to personal matter and others, well we kind of don't like the way they take care of Maki. So in order for Maki to be taken care off, we left him with the Lolos and Lolas but eventually Maki was to hyper and to active for them to catch up.

So this is our problem lately and until now we haven't found anyone to be Maki's Nanny. Though there are lots of agencies you can look for or even recommended by our friends but still it's too hard to find a Nanny that will really take care of the child.

For the meantime, still the Lolos and Lolas will still be the one to take care of Maki until we find a Nanny.



  1. poor Lolo, and thanks God that Maki didn't have any bruises or scratches. These are the situations I really want to avoid, I am afraid that my son will got hurt either by an accident or in purpose (by some nanny's who can't take care of him). That's the reason why I left my job. I hope and I pray that you'll find a very good nanny to take care of Maki to avoid this kind of accident to happen again.

  2. Oh my, that's scary, good thing they weren't hut that bad..


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