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Sunday, December 27

"Daddy Day Care : Caring for Dad"

Hi folks yesterday was supposed to be Daddy Day Care time but fortunately I wasn't able to write something. Reason for this is Daddy got sick. So Daddy Day Care became Care for Dad. Until now Daddy is still weak and at this moment I still got body aches. Whew! I hate it when I got sick.

Tips when sick! For you and your kids own good!

  • Make sure to drink a lot of water when you are sick. This will make your body hydrated .
  • Never made contact with your kids. Though they got shots for diseases or fortified with lots of vitamins still it's your duty to make your kids away from such sickness or diseases.
  • Always have an extra shirts besides you. Sweats are good indication.
  • If it still doesn't subside it's about time to go to the doctor.

These are just things that I always do when I am sick. You can follow this if you want or you can just see your doctor immediately if you feel sick. Still the best defense is to make your body healthy.


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