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Monday, December 21

"Monday Rush : Dull Office"

Though holidays are good for people there are some things that is not good about having holidays. Especially when everyone has gone for vacation except you. The only negative about this is when you get to work when everyone is already cheering and enjoying the season.

Right now, most of the staff in our office has already started their holiday season by filing their vacation leaves and others are just not in the mood to go to work anymore. Who in world would still got some energy to do their works when their minds are already set for the holiday. Right!

This morning though there's still some staff who are doing their works and some stuff still you cannot leave out the feeling that everyone are on holiday mood already. Aside from having two or four personnel in the office you can also see that most of the works are already minimal. So the Monday Rush is in no rush for this season. Anyway it's just a few more days to go and it'c Christmas already.

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