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Wednesday, December 30

"New Years Resolution for Parents"

Since the year will end and new one will come I would like to share this to all the parents who will be reading or is already this blog entry. I got this from my weekly doze of tips on kids and everything about parenting from

So to all parents this should be our New Year's Resolution and I find it doable. And besides this resolution will sure develop our kids to be a better man in the future.

• Not yell so much

• Stop using threats to keep your
kindergartner or grade-schooler in line

• Be more loving — and find other ways to help your
5-year-old or 6- to 8-year-oldfeel good about himself

• Slow down and really
listen to your child

• Give each of your children the
one-on-one time he deserves

• Find more family time

• Plan
fun outings more often

• Read more with your child — whether he's a
beginning, intermediate, oradvanced reader

• Watch
less TV

• Make
healthier meals

• Encourage your child's relationship with grandparents

• Share your beliefs with your child and — if
religion or spirituality is important to your family — make them part of your family life, traditions, and rituals

Nurture yourself so that you can better nurture your child

So I will and will forcefully do all this things, so help me GOD!.

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