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Sunday, December 20

"Preschooler Developmental Delay"

An information to all parents so you'd better have a peek or glimpse of this article. As usual I have my weekly doze of tips and information from This few weeks I wasn't able to post any of the tips and information I got from, first, reason is that I haven't been reading some of the articles from that site, second, I'm all used up and my times seems a bit shorter than before, third, I'm busy planning to gain more earning opportunities. Anyway that's all part of us growing and thinking for our children.

According to the article in preschoolers develop in different stages. Some may have develop early like pronouncing words clearly and some may have develop the love for music, whichever or whatever stage they develop as long as it is still in that range they are still don't have the developmental delay. Like in Maki's case, right now he hasn't fully pronounce one word clearly but his good in some cases like setting his things in an orderly manner. It's more likely an "OC". Anyway I'm just thankful that he hasn't any development delay.

These things can't be detected as early as possible but to make sure you should have some time with your kids especially in their development stage.


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  1. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and amazing 2010!

    Happy Holidays from livelife365


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