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Sunday, December 13

"Sunday Message : Opportunities in Disquise"

Actually I wasn't able to attend church today for some reason that need to be dealt before anything else. While browsing the net and blog hopping I noticed this simple graphics from "me and my cup of joe". At first it was just a simply written words which I thought something that he just posted for whatever reason. Out of curiosity, I read the lines and it says "THINK OF PROBLEMS AS OPPORTUNITIES IN DISGUISE.". Come to think of it it is really like that.

God doesn't give us problems or trials that we cannot handle. The only reason why it became so heavy is because we don't let God help us carry that burden. We often thought that we always need to work it out with a plan. A plan that we course out without the intervention of God.

If you will look at it very closely, problems are always there no matter what we do it's always present. And that is what God has been using to lead us right back to his arms. God's plan is far beyond our concept. So always think that "Problems are not an enemy but think of it as God's disguise to get the goal we are hoping for."

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