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Tuesday, January 27

"After Work"

AAhhhh!!! Another day at work has ended! I got so many personal things that I wanted to do and finish, got so many things on my mind to write and design but I'm always having problem with myself "I got so lazy" in tagalog "tinatamad ako". I don't know why but may because I'm thinking of which should I do first.

Maybe writing down thing should at least give me drive to do it. So right now I will jot down all the things that I wanted to do and finish.

So first thing on my list.

~ Accomplish the graphic art entry for the CG competition.
(the last time I never finished my concept for the steampunk theme)
so at least I should finish this one and submit my final entry. This
time it's a surrealism.

So pray for me!


"Reviewing Websites: Jill's Whatever"

If you’re looking for a website or blog site that can suite all your needs I think a know site that would answer everything. The site’s name is … JiLL's Whatever. I like the header area where there’s a picture of a girl anime. I think the owner of this blog is most likely the anime girl on the header. She represents her. Her style is just plain and simple without much of extraordinary designs.

Taken from header JiLL's Whatever, she actually come across with whatever she finds and whatever she thought to write about… I think. Her blog contents were from anime to pictures, from health to interior design, from luggage to almost anything. She sure does loves to write about things. And I’m sure her favorite line is “Whatever”.

So if you’re looking for something to read try visiting her blog. I’m sure you’ll find something that you might be interested with.


Monday, January 26

"Happy Chinese New Year"

Welcoming the year of the Ox! May this year be fruitful and merry! Better health and wealth! Happy New Year!


Saturday, January 24

Reveiwing Websites: The Lost Pages...!"

Have you experienced reading a book, a very good book but when it comes to the best part and you turn to the next page it's ripped off? It happened to me and I was so frustrated not to finished reading that book. Hayyyyy......

Our blog for today is called "The Lost Pages...". Lets start with a simple description to explain the the blog. Lost means unseen, not found, taken away, etc. The pages maybe pages from a book or something. I think he titled his blog the lost pages to show that most of us are missing some facts of like in their country. So by writing it in his blog he would be able to bring this lost pages to us.

The blog is about his life, family, work, facts about his country, and everything that he think would be helpful to everyone who would read his blog. So... I think we found the lost pages!


Thursday, January 22

"Reveiwing Websites: Money Work Life n Just About That"

With the world wide recession the economy is going to face a very difficult path to track. A lot of people are worried if they would still have a job, eventually some of them where already laid off and some were deported to their respective countries. For sure a lot of companies will be cutting down their use of electricity, manpower, and other utilities to be able to sustain their businesses.

Indian I.T Professionals Need not worry about 2009. Though the competition is high there is still much need of the IT professionals. Engineers, teachers, employees, and others are subject to be laid off if it is necessary and needed.

Let’s point out our view in a different angle, companies might or will lay off their employees which will cause them decrease of their production. To retain the level of production companies will result to seek the help of IT professionals in creating software and the like to aid them in their work.

Let us not take the recession in its negative side but look at its brighter side.


"ODJ (Our Daily Journey with God)"

A gift from my sister… the ODJ (Our Daily Journey). The ODJ is like the Our Daily Bread. You have your day to day verses and reflections to reflect with. It really helps you read the Bible everyday (actually I always miss to read Bible I only read the reflection every day). I’m praying that reading the Bible will be my priority this year. So time to time I’m trying to lift the attitude of “I’m tired” and “I’ll do it later”. So pray for me also.


"Reveiwing Websites: All-in-one Bangalore"

I wish that I could go abroad! Not to work but just take a tour and explore places that offers different experiences and exciting adventures. The world is so big I don’t know at what age I will be able to make my explorations. For now I’ll just have to take my journey in a realm that leaps beyond boundaries… the cyber world.

The World Wide Web offers a variety of information and facts about anything. The best thing is that it only cost you your monthly DSL bill or rental fee in a Computer shop. So this is the cheapest way to explore the world.

Since the web offers almost anything there’s one sight that I’ve seen and I think I could start my exploration and journey with this one. The site is called “All-in-one Bangalore”. At first when I’ve read the word Bangalore I thought it means something different but when I see the pictures … ohhhh. I see now my mind is refreshed. Bangalore is a place in the southern part of India. So India … the place of women with stones on their forehead … a place of spices (mmmm yummy), a land with rich culture … the birth place of the Kama Sutra ... inhabitants of beautiful people … and much more to think of.

I really like this site and it really gives me information about the culture and place in Southern India though I’ve only read a few parts of it. So maybe if I read more I’ll really get a chance to be a part of the beautiful land. Bangalore here I come!


Sunday, January 11

"Our First Sunday for This Year!"

Today is our first Sunday for this year and this is our first day in the Church.


Monday, January 5


from bubblegumbunni

I prayed that this year will be a fruitful year for us! Happy New Year!

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