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Sunday, May 31

"Sunday Stay At Home''

A very tiring day. I started my day by fixing the dirty kitchen which was not used for months, I think!  I repaired the lights, the roof, the cooking area, and the flooring.  It was hard to do things when it is raining thank God that I've finished covering the holes of the roof before it rain really hard.  I've placed the stove and cleaned it up a bit. 

Sunday was supposed to be church day but since Maki is sick and it is also raining we decided to stay in the house and let Maki get well.  

My wife Angie and my son Maki were playing while I was surfing and blogging.


Saturday, May 30

"Maki Taking a Bath"

Pictures of Maki while taking a bath.  Lying on his bath tub like an teen dude.   Ahhhhh!  This is life!


"Maki's Pictures During the Birthday Party"

Maki's pictures during the birthday party of Princess.


"Maki is Sick Today"

Last night and till now Maki still has fever. I think it's because of his teeth. Two of his molar teeth are coming out already after a long expectation. Coming out of his teeth are already late and we don't know why. We are just hoping that his teeth are like my teeth. Strong and hard. Ninang Meng, our dentist, always reminds that she's having hard time extracting my decayed tooth.

Right now, Maki is sleeping and we are still monitoring his fever.


"eCards as a Birthday Present"

Are you a busy type of person with lots of business and work activities? So busy that you don’t even have time to buy birthday greeting cards for your friends, for your son, and even for your wife. And sometimes you even miss those important days of your love ones.

Well worry no more there’s an answer for all your troubles! Plus you’ll get rid the hassle of going to the bookstore and those annoying lines when buying greeting cards. The is the answer! is a website offering Electronic Greeting Cards or eCards.

With the wide use of internet today electronic greeting cards sure is a hit to everyone. You can send this eCards through emails. Just one click and it is sent. Aside from being simple eCards, some were animated and some are printable so you can have it signed to give real good impression.

So in this case you don’t have to missed giving greeting cards you just simple click the internet, look for the kind of greeting cards that you want, choose the design, and after that you can send it through email or you can get those birthday cards to print and give it personally.


"Tree Planting Activity"

Friday 7 AM we had our tree planting activity at the stretch of SCTEx. It is more likely greening the SCTEx. I don't know how many seedlings we had planted but I'm sure everyone got their hands dirty.

Still continuing the SAVE ME principles! I'm still actively doing and saving myself first.


Thursday, May 28


Today is my blogs anniversary. This is the day that I started doing blog. It was enjoying and sometimes frustrating. Enjoying because I get to enjoy writing about myself, my family, and other things. Frustrating because I was banned at google adsense for just a reason that someone had click too much from my blog. Anyway thanks to google adsense that my blogs are banned because a lot of opportunities had come up aside from google adsense.

At first I was doing four to six blogs (I think) but right now I'm concentrating only on four including this one. It's a lot of fun and enjoying.

So to those who have joined my blogoversary contest thank yo very and God Bless! And to those who haven't join started joining now and get a chance to win cash prizes.

Enjoy the day!


"Office Team Building Activity"

Yesterday we had a Team Building and Assessment Activity in our project managing office, the Operational Support Service (OSS). We started it in the office. Showed a simple audio/video presentation of all the works completed and all the personnel of the OSS. After the lunch we continued our team building at the clubhouse in Villagio Subdivision.

We prepared games for everyone as part of the team building activity. The games are "Lucio Tan" (swim and dive between the legs of your teammates), "Henry Sy-siran" (dive and get the most number of coins), "P-Isaac Puno" (filling the bottle with water by squeezing out the water from the clothes, and the last one is called "H-Andrew Tan" (just like a gladiator match inside the pool). Then swim and swim and swim.

We also held a singing contest. heheheh. The highest score was 97 but that's not me. It's Okens!

Then it was continued today but this time to finalize the work assessment. Who says work and leisure cannot come along? But on our part we manage to hit two birds in one stone.

After that my body sure aches of that swimming. Anyway work and happenings like that don't usually come together.


" : Hair, Beautiful Hair!"

Another conversation from, this time its about hairs. Hope you'll participate.


Wednesday, May 27

"New Apps for Google Android Phones"

I’m not a techie guy but I sure love gadgets. I only read news, reviews and features of gadgets that interest me. This is to give me updates and information of new technologies and gadgets.

I don’t have a Google Android phone but I like how Google create their phones. Not too fancy it’s just simple and elegant. Just like how they created their Google chrome, no fancy buttons, wide screen, and spacious. I’m already saving money to buy one of these Google Android phones.

It is glad to hear that Google will be launching a new set of application for the Google Android phone. I’m very sure all Google phone fanatics will be anticipating the release. Google will be launching four applications the AStunes, AScinema, Aspics, and ASdisk. These applications will let you use the Android Storage to store pics, videos, music, and data without using the phone’s memory. With you can actually enjoy more pics, vides, music and data. For me, I like more on pics and videos. I can enjoy numbers of movies to watch and store without overloading my phone's memory.

It is expected the 350 million users in the US and UK will be using the Android phone platform. I’m sure with the features of Google more users will be using it.



Tuesday, May 26

"Another Check Up"

Hayyyy!!! At last it's over this is my last check up and ultrasound (I hope?). Though there is still some stones the doctor just instructed me to refrain from eating salty foods and always drink a lot of water. I don't want to get on that ESWL machine again. No... No... No... No!

Anyway it's good to be good again! I'll just have to be strict on all my food intakes.


Monday, May 25

" Memorial Day"

Memorial day in US, remembering all those who have fought for freedom.


Sunday, May 24

"Sunday Service Message"

Our Rev Pastor Bong wasn't able to preach today because of an important matters that he has to attend to so he picked Pastor JR, one of the younger pastors, to preach and deliver Gods message for today.

So this is God's message entitled "Secrets of Spiritually Prosperous Life" and below are some of points I've jot down and remembered.

Ø       There must be an awareness of our spiritual needs.  Matthew 5:3

Ø       Are you thirsty? John 7:37

Ø       There must be aging of the soul.... Matthew 5:4

Ø       Romans 6:13

Ø       John 14:4-5

Ø       Matthew 5:13


"General Cleaning!"

We got so very busy this past months and we haven't got any time to clean and fix the house so today we decided to have a general cleaning. Fortunately I'll be the one will do the cleaning because Angie, my wife, will just have to keep an eye on our little one. His (Maki) very hyper and very active. We don't want him to bump his head or anything so his mom will just have to take care of him while I do the cleaning.

Since the house is all clattered and messed up I started with our bed. I put the pillows and the sofa bed outside to get it warmed up by the sun including all the pillows. Then the clothes and Maki's toys. Cleaned up the kitchen and sink. And lastly my things.

It took me the whole day to clean the house. Since it's Sunday I stopped at around 3:30 pm and prepared to go to church.

When we got back after the church I continued cleaning and at last finished it. Hayyyyy!!!!!! I'm so tired. Angie is also tired with Maki. Now the house is clean and we'll just have to do it again but I don't know when.


Friday, May 22

"Daily Happenings!"

Nothing much to tell here. Since I just had our DSL connected I just get busy updating all softwares in pc. So it really used most of my time. But anyway when I finished it I'll post more blog entries.


Thursday, May 21

"Daily Happenings!"

I just want to rest for a while and think. Something good to write for my other blogs.

Also something for the readers to enjoy and know about something that they don't know.


"Daily Happenings!"

Just wanted to share to everyone that I'm glad that our DSL is already connected. At last no more renting. Hehehe. This means that more post and updates even on weekends.

So readers just follow and read along! Good day!


"Reviewing Websites : The Marble City Company"

I remember the day that we started constructing our little house. The house is just small and it is just like a duplex, it is attached to the main house of Mom and Pop. We designed and colored it the way we wanted it. Of course it is bluer than blue!

When it is finished we were so busy planning and thinking on what to put in it. We bought blue vinyl tiles for the floor and it was so cool. We painted the walls light blue just like the sky and on the kitchen, since it is small, we bought a small sink and put granite tops like tiles on it. Simple and looks elegant.

There is a website that offers a real granite tops that are really simple and elegant. The Marble City Company is the site where you can find it. The site is easy to find and can easily view the designs and styles that you want. They may even advise you on what is the best granite tops for your house.


Monday, May 18

"Result of dNeero Conversation"

dNeero ask for the dneero-rites (me)  to what question they wanted to posted on  So this is my question and below are the respondents. 40 people answered 3762 Twitter followers saw it

RT: @yashirokuru "What can youth of today do for the world and the environment?" 

@dNeero I think it should start inside their home, like cleaning their surroundings and proper waste disposals... 2 Days Ago

 @dNeero Pursue a lifestyle of excellence as they are the future world changers 4 Days Ago

 @dNeero Youths are having response to reduce global warming. 8 Days Ago

@dNeero use natural cleansers like vinegar, and natural deodorizers like sodium bicarbonate instead of commercially available ones! 10 Days Ago

@dNeero we can plant trees and clean our city10 Days Ago

 @dNeero stop smoking. 12 Days Ago

@dNeero to all youth, be a good citizen, help clean the environment and finish your studies - 13 Days Ago

@dNeero Youth of today may join clubs that helps the communities or they may help in segregating their trash at home to clean the envrnment. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero They can do a lot of things to keep the environment more healthy. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero unite for more awareness 13 Days Ago

@dNeero the youth can start recycling at home & making a conscious decision to buy green products & doing environment-friendly activities 13 Days Ago

@dNeero awareness and action. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero theres a lot of simple things they can do. just by sorting garbages into its proper disposal is a big thing. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero start disciplining themselves in order to help the world and the environment. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero The youth have seen the negative effects of the wrong doings of the past,they must not follow but reverse it for a better world 13 Days Ago

@dNeero One simple thing the youth can do: just don't waste resources! Too many young people simply waste a lot of things. 13 Days Ago

@dNeero education is the first step - after that, it's up to them, they ARE the future after all 13 Days Ago

@dNeero They r the future n by initiating efforts for environmental conservation n favoring green energy sources change will come eventually 13 Days Ago

@dNeero reduce, reuse, recycle... and most important of all, influence their peers! 13 Days Ago

@dNeero hehe,not smoking and Advocate environmental protection. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero When shopping, try not to get a bag if you only have one or two items. Or you could bring your own cloth bag to use. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Q:$0.05: a youth can lead a way towards the prosperity by sensing global issue 14 Days Ago
@dNeero There is so much! Educate themselves about the issues, recycle, reduce emmissions, buy local, spread their enthusiasm! 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Do not drive 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Protect earth from global warming and support green peace 14 Days Ago

@dNeero We can try to make social conscience about the problems of our planet 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Study it, figure out a plan, and lead the charge to save the environment. The older folks are too cynical. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero I advise the youth to go Back to Basics! No using of styro and plant trees and more trees!14 Days Ago

@dNeero awareness is the greatest thing. they can start improving themselves b4 they try to change the world. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero stop smoking and start planting trees! 14 Days Ago

@dNeero be aware and start early in using eco friendly stuff... avoiding mostly those that are reaking havoc to the environment... 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Help in the campaign for minimizing unnecessary use of energy. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero use recycleable package 14 Days Ago

@dNeero keeping on clean and plant a tree 14 Days Ago

@dNeero LOL minimize the use of computers? :D or... discover ecofriendly devices :) 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Learn from the mistakes of the previous generations. Stop the pollution and use more alternative energy resources. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Practice recycling and plant a tree! ;)14 Days Ago

@dNeero practice recycling.. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero Learn to eliminate waste by reusing and recycling. 14 Days Ago

@dNeero more action. less words 14 Days Ago

Glad that everyone are well aware of the Earth's situation.


"Daily Happenings!"

Today is a very fruitful day.  Why?  Because my earnings has gone up already and still coming.  All the days of my hardwork in blogging has paid off a bit but what is important is that I have already established it. 

You can surely earn through blogging but you'll have to have patience in order to attain your goal. Things are not very easy on this world you'll have to take little by little and step by step.   So right now I'm making my next step and praying soon I'll be levelling up more.


Sunday, May 17

"Sunday Service Message"

This Sunday God's Message is about all the burdens we are carrying and how tired we are.   We always complains about life and how tired we are of course we do get tired but what God wanted us to do is to surrender everything to Him and let Him help us.  

Let us not worry about the things in life God has already laid it down!


Saturday, May 16

"Princess’ Birthday Party"

Today is May 16, 2009 and today is the 7th Birthday of Princess Michaela Mangubat. Who is she? She is the eldest daughter of our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Oliver “Bong” Mangubat. And of course Maki is invited!

It‘s a thanksgiving to God for the seven fruitful and blessed years. The birthday celebration is scheduled at 2:00 PM and at the Club House of Cranwood Subdivision (I think that’s the name), BF Homes, Quezon City but fortunately and thank God the party started past four (I think). And that’s because of us being late. Well maybe that’s one thing that we should get rid of… getting late in a very important event. Anyway the whole Club is reserved, including the pool, so we got lots of time. One reason I think is that the weather is sunny and the heat is too hot to bear especially for the kids that’s why most of the guest came around 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
We got there in the place together with the other guest hitched on the church van. Later on most of the guests arrived and we were settled on the table. Pastor Bong and Ate Michelle was already receiving and accompanying all the guests. When everyone was settled they started the program with a simple slide show presentation which is the history of Princess for the past seven years. At that time Maki wasn’t watching the slide show but keep on pointing and looking at the pool. Actually the first time he saw the pool he already wanted to go there.

After the slide show Princess was introduced and came in dressed like a true princess. She offered a song for everybody and after that Pastor Bing led the prayer to start the occasion.

The program flows like a debutant birthday party. It has 7 gifts, 7 blessings, 7 candles, and of course the most waited time (this will be clearly felt by Pastor Bong once she turned 18) to dance with the celebrants, the 7 roses.

At the mid of the program there was also a show of the Clown and the Magician. For the kids, just seeing these two performers is already awe to them but they were more awe when they saw their performance which I think most of the moms and dads there also dropped their jaw in amaze. Unfortunately Maki got scared of the Clown and he doesn’t of the show what he care about is the swimming pool which later on his mom plunge him in and enjoyed playing with the other kids in the pool.

Cold and shaking a bit we pulled Maki out of the pool and dressed him up. The program ended with the 7 roses. Maki was already tired and so are we. That’s what we thought but when we showed him the playground and the slide, his energy flared up and started playing again. He had his first time on the slide.


Friday, May 15

"BF / GF Anniversary"

Today is our Anniversary as BF / GF. This is our 10th ... all in all. So many things had happened during that time and we end up together. It is really true that friendship binds everything. We started as friends and later on we became BF/GF and fiance. And now we have our son.

The truth about us is that she never say "YES" to me. I asked her if she loves and she just said "No... No you're not wrong". The only time she answered yes is on our wedding. That's our story!


" : Science Museums"

Some conversation from to help science museums!


Thursday, May 14

"Daily Happenings! : Missing OS"

Another day completed, a few hours more and a new day will come. What have I done today?

First, I’m still sleepy because of last night’s birthday party and my sleep isn’t complete. But anyway there’s not much work load today and I didn’t stressed myself. Also I got to time to visit and surf some websites in the net, plus I updated my facebook account, though there are still friend request that I wasn’t able to accept.

5:00 PM, end of office hours, I managed to create another blog but this one is more on earning money online, reviews, tips, and things about blogging.

I was almost finished when the computer glitches and suddenly the screen flick and a blue screen appears then it shut down. I thought it was just a normal shut down and it will restart back but to my surprise it opened with a screen “missing operating system” whoaaaa! Now that’s alarming! I thought about my files…. is there any back up to that…. etc. …etc. Those are the things running to my head while rebooting it. I think I reboot it more than ten times but still it won’t go straight to windows and it’s looking for a boot device. What a night?

I was already loosing hope and I’m already planning to send it to MIS early morning. But still hoping, I tapped the sides of the CPU and boot it once more. Whohooooo! It opened and started again. Haaayyyyy! A big sigh! Now that’s the time that I made a back up of some important documents. Just to be sure.

So that’s what happened today and I already miss my baby. Anyway tomorrow is Friday.


Wednesday, May 13

"Happy Birthday!"

Today is 13 and for others who believed in superstitious belief it is bad luck. But not for the person I know. Why? Because 13 is the day he was born and that’s not bad luck. Yes, today is his birthday his name is Mang Mojics(that’s what we call him).

So today building 10 will be very busy and for sure people will come and go just to greet him. Plus foods and drinks will overflow. AAhuh! I’ll loosen up my pants and get ready for that food. Anyway Happy Birthday Mang Mojics.


"dNeero : buzzTrendz ... Bringing Twitter and YouTube together! "

To all dNeero-rites here's another conversation. And for those who haven't signed in or register to try now and received a few earnings.


Tuesday, May 12

"Daily Happenings!"

There is nothing much to tell tonight. I just made my trip back home early and not the usual Wednesday trip. With no vehicle going to Manila I have to take the bus. I decided to take 5 Star because it got TV on board but I was disappointed that they don’t play any movie at all. Anyway may be next time.

I arrived at Manila around 7:30 pm, rode the jeep bound to SM Fairview. It was just the usual plain and nothing extraordinary ride back home. I stopped by at Ever Commonwealth and bought a “pasalubong” (present).

I arrived home and Maki was so busy playing with laundry basket as if it is a big car that he is pushing around the house. And he also makes a sound. So when I came in Maki approached me “mano” (blessed) and kissed me. Haayyyyy! The perks of having a son! Then we had our dinner!


"Win $1,000.00"

Earn money with Scour!

Just join the and you'll get a chance to win $1,000. Simply do your daily internet activity which is searching. You will accumulate entries for the raffle and a chance to win the $1,000.00.

Also by using as your search engine you'll be able to accumulate points which will be credited to you account and when you reached the quota you'll have a great reward.

So start using now and let's get that $1,000.00!


Sunday, May 10

"Sunday Service Message : Rev. Dr. Barry Chant"

The service started at 9:30 am!  When the time for the Message Ninong Boy introduced the Guest Preacher and his name is Rev. Dr. Barry Chant from Wesley congregation in Australia.

He started his preach by simple describing the 9:30 am worship service as a good time to praise and worship GOD.  He made a good description of the numbers 9 and 3.  He said that 3 is the number of GOD.  9 is equal to 3 times the number of GOD.  9 x 3 = 27, 27 is the number of books in the New Testament.  He put 3 before the 9 that makes up 39 which is the number of books in the Old Testament.  He added that 9 + 3 = 12 and 12 is the number of the disciples.  1 + 2 = 3 and you came back to the number of GOD.   It’s amazing how he makes use of the numbers and relates it to the numbers in the bible.

After the numbers he opened a short prayer and started GOD’s message.  The title of the message is “When We Step Out GOD Step in”.  Below is the outline of the message.

v      A Crisis is a Miracle in Disguise.

§         Sometimes there’s seems to be no hope.

§         Death or discouragement maybe all around us.

§         We cannot expect a miracle without first facing a mountain.


v      The Promise of GOD is the Foundation of Faith

§         We can choose to believe.

§         There is a promise to meet every basic human need.


v      Faith Demands Decisive Action

§         Many people are stuck in the situation where they are.

§         Don’t just sit around passively.

§         We can always do something.

§         Remember not to decide is to decide.

§         Jesus said she did what she could.

§         Why stay here till we die?


v      When We Step Out, God Steps In

§         We may ask Who am I? What can I do?

§         But God choose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise.


v      God’s Provision is More than We can Imagine

§         When we steps out, we will discover the limitless treasures of God’s blessings.

This is the message and it ended with a challenge to everyone to step out and let GOD steps in.


Saturday, May 9

"Mother's Day Greetings"

A warm greetings to all MOMS in the World! Happy Mother's Day!


"A Day with Maki and Cosplay at SM North"

It’s Saturday, another time to spend the whole day with Maki. A time to be a DadMom and this time we’re really home alone. My father and mother have an activity at the church, my sister and my wife have to go to work, meaning the two of us (Maki and I) are all alone. But we’re not really home alone because our “labandera” (laundry lady) is here with us but she’ll be busy doing the laundry.

I woke up early and accompanied my wife to the jeepney station, bought a “sopas”(macaroni soup) for Maki. Then on my way back home I bought a broad sheet newspaper and bread for our snacks.

Maki woke up at around 9 am with a good mood and he was smiling. I prepared his food and we had our breakfast. Then I started our routine. First, I gave him his daily vitamins to make him strong and healthy. I prepared all his clothes, diaper, and water for his bath. Then I brushed his teeth and gave him a bath. It’s just a quick bath because I don’t want him to get cold. Later on I dressed him up, gave him his milk and put him to bed.
So this is our routine every Saturday. Then on the midst of this activities My (my wife Angie) always ring the phone and ask how’s Maki and what have we done.

Our “labandera” finished her chores and went home. So… we are really home alone this time and we don’t have any food to cook today. With the present situation I have decided that we will go to SM North since my wife told me before that there will be a COSPLAY at the SM North Annex. I prepared Maki’s things and when he woke up I dressed him up with simple clothes with a cap and a sandal. I also dressed up and later on we’re off to SM North.

When we arrived at SM North, we went straight to Pizza Hut Restaurant and there we had our lunch. We shared the “Chicken Fillet and corn soup”. After our lunch we went up to the SM’s Sky Garden (I don’t if that’s what they call it). We had a picture taking and a little site seeing.

There were a lot of people at the event center when we arrived. Most of them were dressed like an anime characters, a movie characters, and even a computer game characters. Their ages varies from kids to adults. Their costumes were very colorful and eye catching.

Oh I forgot the event was called a “COSPLAY”, a short term for a costume play. What is a COSPLAY anyway? Well, according to the best of my knowledge a COSPLAY is an event where you try to mimic, copy, or impersonate a certain character and they were taken mostly from anime and cartoon characters. This COSPLAY really started from Japan (I think? And I don’t know the real reason why they do this but it’s really cool and enjoying).

Enough with the information and let’s get back on track. Since we decided to get there we first bought load for our cellphone load retailing business. Then we went back to the event and look for some cool, fancy, and eye catching COSPLAYERS (that’s what they call the participants). Fortunately, we were able to find a lot of cool characters and we even took some pictures of them but since we don’t have anyone with we weren’t able to have a photo together with the COSPLAYERS.

It was an experience for us (Maki and I) and I am planning to join with these COSPLAYERS on their next event. So I will become a COSPLAYER also. Hehehe. Hope so! What character will I COSPLAY…………..


Friday, May 8


Thank God it's Friday! A time to rest for a while. Maybe tonight I'll have my good night sleep but I still have to finish some things because tomorrow it's Dad and Maki's day. Saturday Dad my wife calls me because I spent my whole Saturday with Maki. Hmmmm! What are we going to do tomorrow? If it does not rain maybe will go to the market and buy foods and later we will swim in Maki's little pool. Let's hope it won't rain.


Thursday, May 7

"The Pages"

Tonight my head is spinning and looking for something to write. I tried to look at each and every object that I see. None of them seems to inspire to write something. I close my eyes.

Wandering through the darkness of my closed eyes, still nothing seems to drive my will. I shut my eyes, relaxed and opened my ears. A sound of dripping water soothes into my ears. That made me more relaxed.

I opened my eyes, hold the pen, and started to think. With a little effort from my mind my hand started to write. Scribbling words as if it has a mind of its own. Then I realize I was writing my life, making every word as if it is my experience, my emotions and my soul.

Phrases and sentences reflect my whole being. Engraving my past with the pen I’m holding, blackening every sorrow and striking out the mistakes I have committed.
I know my life isn’t full yet and most of my pages are still clear and blank. I pause for a while and think. Words float in front of me asking myself “What have I done? And what will I do? Perhaps these are the questions that will guide me for every pages of my life that flips behind me. And as my life continues let that question be answered.

Tonight I’ll rest my pen for tomorrow is another page, another markings and another milestone to post. Good night and God bless!


"Pampanga Day : Maki's Day"

Today is Pampanga Day and of course we don't have any work today. I stayed home and bond with my son Maki. Maki and I accompanied Angie, her mom, to the jeepney stop and later on we to the market to buy wilkins and food for lunch. Whew that was really tiring and exhausting.

When we got home I prepared Maki for bath, give him his vitamins, make him sleep and later on cook our lunch. After that both of us sleep.

When we woke up we decided to go to the mall and stroll around. We met with his mom and went home. What a day! Anyway I'm the "Nanny" for the day!


Tuesday, May 5

"Wrap A Latte in Style"

Having trouble holding your coffee cup? Can’t bear the heat and the mess? Here is something to solve your problem, a very unique and stylish way of holding your coffee cup. The Wrap A Latte! It is a coffee sleeve made from insulated fabric to keep your hands cool while holding a hot coffee or choco. These coffee sleeves are not just coolant but it is also a fashion statement.

With a variety of colors, designs and styles to choose from this coffee cup sleeve can sure match your outfit. Be it in retro, classy, modern or futuristic. Just got to their website and pick the swatches you like.

You can also make this as a gift for your friends and relatives who really love to drink hot beverages. One super cool suggestion is that when you buy the Wrap A Latte make sure to include a Starbucks Gift Card.

Grab one of this and happy sipping!


"Swine Flu Scare"

With the scare of swine flu a lot of people are keeping themselves safe and protected but still not forgetting to be in fashion. Like this one on the picture.

flu mask mustache


"Product Review: Wrap A Latte"

I find this interesting… a sleeve for your coffee, sounds unique and intriguing.

If you’re a coffee addict or just loves to drink coffee and you find it hard to hold on to a hot coffee here is something for you. The Wrap A Latte, it is a coffee sleeve made specially for cups. These coffee sleeves are made of a special fabric that keep your hands insulated from any hot drinks. Plus you get a cool fashion statement if you have this.

Another thing about this coffee cup sleeve is that you don’t have to replace or throw it away. You just have to wash it and let it dry, after that you can use it again.

And if you got bored with your chosen design or if you want to send it as a gift you can just order another set from the Wrap A Latte. They get plenty of designs and styles to choose from. Just go to their website and choose the swatches you like. Fashionable and stylish whatever you want just pick one that suits your personality.


Monday, May 4

"The Winning Punch!"

winning punch

This is the winning punch Of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. The last blow that knocked out Ricky Hatton. Another winning moments for Pacman.


"Contest Updates"

Because of our generous blogger friends they have decided to sponsor some of the prizes to be given away.  So here's the update of the prizes and I hope more bloggers will join the contest.  To all the sponsors thank you very much.


1ST Prize
1000 EC Credits - Going2Oahu
1000 EC Credits – TwinsHappiness
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Months – Hot in Singapore
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Grab Shell Dude
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – iLUVcontest

2ND Prize

1000 EC Credits – ThereisHappiness
500 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Shopping
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – nameSherry
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Grab Shell Dude

3RD Prize
1000 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Sherry Rambling
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Grab Shell Dude

4TH Prize
700 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Another Contest
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week  Yashiro

5TH Prize
500 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Sherry Contest


Saturday, May 2

"Looking for Great Deals?"

Shoppers today are becoming more practical and wise. I don’t know if it’s because of the current situation but all I know is that when shoppers buy they want to have a product that’s worth every penny. Of course! Every cents, penny or dime is worth everything especially when it is hard earned. That is why online shops are squeezing their brains on how and what to offer to online shoppers. Some online shops would put their products on sale or offer get two and pay for one just to give shoppers great value. And some would even collaborate with community sites and offer discount coupons.

Since all online shops are following the same trend, there is one online shop that I think stands out… the “”. It stands out because of how they manage to revolutionize online shopping. You’ll find their website uncommon and different. Their website crawls every shop on the internet just to get the best deals and savings to offer.

The first thing that I’ve noticed is the contents. Usual sites only show products that you were looking for, options are so little that you’ll have to look for another sites but on Shopwiki you’ll find lots of options. Like for me I have a baby, babies need lots of things and one of this is strollers, especially when you’re out walking in the park. So if you’re looking for strollers Shopwiki does not only shows 3 or 4 types and brands but gives you a variety of it. Not only options for the same product but options for related products as well and the best part of the options is… their list of brands and ranges of your budget, from budget wise to high end. Plus, they describe products in a way that shoppers will be informed first hand on features and function.

So if you’re looking for great deals check out and revolutionize your online shopping.


Friday, May 1

"The Big Day"

May 2, 2009 is the big day for Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton! Two sides of the world will surely freeze for a few hours watching this event of the century. Who will it be?
Can't wait till the day comes. Everyone are so eager and waiting for the day to come.

Let's just see who will be!

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