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Thursday, January 28

"Cebu Dancing Inmates - This is it"

I know this is a bit late of a post but it's already spreading through out the blogosphere. If anyone of you who have heard the "Cebu Dancing Inmates" well good to hear that and good to know that they are all getting known through out the globe. For those who hasn't heard of them, I think only a few of them maybe, this dancing inmates are all for real and they are really inmates in Cebu Penitentiary Cell. All of them were convicted of different violations but the good thing about this is that they deserved to be given a second chance. With them, being dancers who follows order, only shows that they are willing to be change for the better.

Another good thing about them is that a lot of personalities, mostly dancers, gives their time and effort to be with them to showcase what they're good at... of course dancing. So one of their greatest achievement is this video and they do really deserve it.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video. This video will be or is already included in the "This is it" album tribute to Michael Jackson.

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