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Saturday, January 16

"Celebrating Our Monthsary"

Yesterday was the first month after our wedding anniversary. We usually celebrate monthsary. It doesn't have to be so fancy or luxurious but a simple celebration will do. Last night was wine and cracklings in our house. The wine was just what is left of the Christmas basket given to us from our office. So we had our kid sleep first and then we had our chit chat while sipping wine and eating cracklings. Just a plain and simple celebration.

Also this morning while dropping some ECs on other blogs I just happen to read a portion of the post (I forgot the name of the blog) and it is all about commenting on MOTWISTER's blog post about celebrating monthsaries. The blogger is indeed right about the matter which MOTWISTER think stupid or somewhat a little bit not to do. Celebrating the day that you've been together is something that is worth more than anything. The celebration doesn't have to be too fancy or luxurious, dine in a well known restaurant, or travelling around the world what matters most is the fact of you and your partner celebrating it together. The value of being there in the most romantic day of you life whether it is a celebration of married couple or just bf/gf. To MOTWISTER your getting old that's why you think it like that.

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